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We help our clients increase their training efficiency.

The Sales Simulator

Simulate the whole sales process and see the impact of your decisions, your sales. Get feedback on how to improve your top and bottom line.

Sales Simulator2


Product description:

  • Sales simulator that enables your sales team to sell and manage their portfolio
  • Single player with community feature
  • Rules adapted to your company
  • Can connect to your own LMS

Benefits for you:

  • Sales people get a deeper understanding of your products and how to increase sales
  • Integrate easily new content
  • Available 24/7
  • Get feedback on progress

Case study on a financial services company:

  • Client challenge: train their sales team on how to sell a new product  
  • Our solution: helps the sales people go through the whole life cycle and see the impact of their decisions in a safe environement
  • Results for the client: increased sales and decreased costs

Steps to a solution:

  1. Set up: corporate compliant design, integration of training content and adaptation of game rules
  2. App download: from app store or website URL
  3. Maintenance: content update and progress report available anytime via Belinguo's back-end


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